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Coming in 2021!

Veterinary Services in a changing world: climate change and other external factors

Scientific and Technical Review, Vol. 40 (2), 2021

Animal agriculture is diverse and huge: the global industry employs over 1.5 billion people, occupies over 40% of the earth’s ice-free surface, and provides 40% of the protein consumed globally. Demand for animal source food continues to grow globally, driven mainly by increased consumption in low- and middle-income countries, and this trend is likely to continue. At the same time, animal agriculture is a significant contributor to climate change and emerging zoonotic diseases, and there is concern over the well-being of workers as well as the welfare of animals among other challenges. Recent events have drawn unprecedented attention to the threat of zoonotic emerging infectious disease but have also renewed commitment to One Health as essential to the management and, more importantly, prevention of such threats. Veterinary Services are both affected by, and can have great effect on, emerging zoonotic diseases. They underpin animal agriculture, are a global public good, and make essential contributions to the four pillars of sustainable development. They must also ensure their performance and resilience in the face of external factors.

Explore the OIE Scientific and Technical Review now freely available on open access.

Diagnostic test validation science: a key element for effective detection and control of infectious animal diseases

Scientific and Technical Review, Vol. 40 (1), 2021

Explore the OIE Scientific and Technical Review now freely available on open access.

Disaster prevention and preparedness

Scientific and Technical Review, Vol. 39(2), 2020

Explore the OIE Scientific and Technical Review now freely available on open access.

Ensuring safe trade in animals and animal products

Scientific and Technical Review, Vol. 39 (1), 2020

Scheduled for publication in 2021, this collaboration between the OIE and FAO marks the eradication of rinderpest, one of only two diseases ever eradicated. In the current pandemic, this publication shows us what is possible by human endeavour, and through testimonies brings to life how eradication was achieved and illuminates its effects.

Rinderpest and its eradication

This book will be published by FAO and the OIE in accordance with recommendation no. 18 of the final report of the Joint FAO/ OIE Committee on Global Rinderpest Eradication. It will record the history of the eradication of rinderpest, and contain all the necessary information related to the responsible virus and rinderpest itself.